Please note that your particular order may deviate from the prices listed here. Prices depend on complexity and color.
Pricing Base List (Feral or Anthro)
                All orders require an additional $5.00 Shipping and Handling ($8.00 international.)
Small- 5-6" (tall or long) $15, two colors only ( a small extra feature like an accent color is fine)
Medium- 8-10" (tall or long) $25, up to three colors
Large- 12-14" (tall or long) $35, up to three colors

Additional Fees
·         Each additional color - $3
·         Clothes - $5(hoodies/pants) each
·         Wings - $10 (medium/large size only)
·         Complex markings - $4-$8 depending on reference
·         Anthro hair - $3

Please inform me if you are allergic to any materials, or animal products. If you are, I will make my best effort to use only synthetic material, otherwise all dolls are crafted using a mixture of wool and acrylic.